November 30, 2020

Image: @_jk_photography

First, let me start with giving you a little background before I get into how you can help. I’ve also included some great links in the article to help you understand the farmers bill and the farmers protest. Some are in English, others are not, but a few of them have English subtitles. Please do check them out!

In September 2020, the BJP government passed a farmers bill unanimously in Rajya Sabha (for ease of reference we’ll call it parliament). The Deputy Chairman (essentially similar to a house speaker) and the BJP government refused to listen to…

December 12, 2020

Image: @sherepanjabuk via Instagram

This past week marked one of the world’s largest protests in history. It took place in India, and the world barely took notice. More and more farmers have continued to join the protests from across India — Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Rajasthan, Kerala, and Uttar Pradesh to name just a few. Some farmers were blocked from leaving their states by their police, so they sat down at their borders blocking the roads. One of the largest democracies in the world is facing major backlash within its own country. It’s facing international criticism of their handling of the farmers…

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